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How the custom poker chips get printed?

Custom poker chip printing relies on a number of factors. For example, the design, size and color, and other similar factors together determine the type of printing. However, we will discuss only the four most commonly used printing methods here.

How the custom poker chips get printed

Have you ever played in a casino or visited a casino? You probably might have noticed the casino gaming chips. The design and printing of casino poker chips differ a lot from the commercially-designed chips.

Here is a list of the four methods used by the most custom poker chip manufacturers.

  1. Custom Inlay Method
  2. Premium Direct Printing Method
  3. Hot Stamp/ Foil Stamp Method
  4. Ceramic Sublimation Method

Let's discuss all of these methods one by one to understand the printing method employed in the manufacturing and printing of customized poker chips. So, let's begin this exciting discussion!

Custom Inlay Method

The custom inlay method is the most popular and economical way to produce custom poker chips. Intrinsically, the printing process starts with the space provided either 1.25 inch inlay or 15/16th inlay depending on the poker chips cavity.

The artwork is then printed, laminated, and cut to the precise size of the chip’s cavity. The material used in this process has strong adhesive on the back to secure the artwork on the poker chips cavity. This durable method is more labor intensive yet not so expensive. This is why most people use this method to produce custom poker chips for the branding of their business.

Mainly, businesses and casinos go for a custom inlay method for the promotion of their business due to the reliable and economic cost of creating a custom poker chips.

Premium Direct Printing Method

The direct printing method is inexpensive to produce, yet companies charge the same price for this method as custom inlay method. Think of this method as the same process as a screen printing T-shirts. Digital technology is used to print the design of your logo and business name on the chip.  

When each color of the design is printed directly on the chip, or a dice digitally, the ink dries when ran through the heating process. Lastly, they slap a protective coating to protect the artwork.

Almost all direct printing method are flawed in one way or another, the artwork inside the chip cavity is not flush with the chip leaving an edge, and the artwork isn’t as vibrant as it is perceived. 

Hot Stamp

This method is employed to print one-colored text or image on plain poker chips. Typically, gold or silver metal foil mainly, but there are many color options you can select. This was the original method used to give the casino poker chips a unique and attractive appearance.

These custom poker chips are durable as the custom inlay method and will last many years. A custom metal die has to be made from the artwork provided. Then the die transfers the design when ran through the hot stamp machine to transfer the design at a temperature of 300 degrees or more is needed to imprint and press the design onto the poker chip.

Ceramic Sublimation Method

Ceramic Poker chips are striking at first, but over time the chip deteriorates and the image fades over time. Ceramic chips offer many customization options as compared to other casino chips. With all sides customizable.

This unique dye-sublimation method also provides you with the option of printing over the edges. After a hard coating, the design is prepared under specific heat and pressure.

Let’s Conclude

Lastly, different chip style like clay, plastic injection molding or ceramic poker chips can be used to create custom poker chips. There are different chip designs for all types of chips, designs like, 12 Stripe, 8-strips, & 6-stripes you can choose from to make your custom poker chips.

Moreover, you can use the most economical or the most expensive process to personalize a casino chip, a business or a home poker set for the man cave. With a wide range of chip styles and different customization processes to produce a custom poker chip, you have options you can choose from to promote your business or event, or make a stunning poker set for your home games.

So, let's enjoy the personalization process of designing a custom poker chips and remember you get what you pay for!